How to Choose an Egg Donor and Surrogacy Agency

11 Feb

If you are an intended parent, you need to make sure that you are in good hands when you are going to choose an agency. Take note that decision-making can be daunting, below are some factors that you have to consider in order to make a wise decision. 

You should take note that the final decision will affect you throughout the experience. You should never be afraid of taking time to do initial research. Below are some tips that will help you with your search. 


One of the important things that you need to consider would be on the history of the agency on surrogacy and egg donation Los Angeles. There are in fact more intended parents who turned to gestational surrogacy in order to create a family and new surrogate parenting agencies appeared in various parts of the globe. You need to make sure that the agency has a successful track record. Finding an agency who have staff members who have personal connections with surrogacy or egg donation could provide you with a sense of comfort because they could identify each step of the journey and will guide you through the entire process. 

Legal Team

Together with knowledgeable staff members, you will also need legal representations. In some states, surrogacy is being controlled at state level and the requirements of the given set of intended parents will vary based with the state or country of their residence. Making a proper match with the surrogate and intended parents, it needs thorough understanding on intersecting laws and policies. Also see to it that the agency has a legal team of staffs who will guide you through the legal process. 

Good Communication

In most cases, agencies that have larger staffs devotes their attention more to individual intended parents, egg donors and surrogates. Regardless on the size of the agency, a continuous communication is essential to get a successful experience. Also make sure that the agency will put emphasis more on the communication between you and also the surrogate or egg donor. 

Flexibility is Essential

There are actually a lot of variables which are involved on the surrogacy process which makes surrogacy and egg donation different. Also check if the agency has the flexibility in addressing individual needs if you are intended parent. 

Puts Focus on Relationships

You also should make sure that the agency have a significant emphasis when it comes to improving relationships. The higher the level of contact and also the closer the relationship between the intended parents as well as the egg donor or surrogate will lead to a smoother process. A lot of parents, egg donors and surrogates developed a good lasting relationship with each other and they also stay in touch for years. Visit Egg Donor & Surrogacy Institute for more info.

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